We all start out reading...
Some of us grow up and want to hold the pen!
 (i.e. be on that keyboard :) )

Go for your Dreams!!
I really don't like being a salesman. I don't want to sell myself or try to convince you to buy my book. I love to read and write, and have written several novels that I love to pieces!! And maybe you will to. If you'd like to check them out, Go for it. But whatever you got going on in your life, I just want to encourage you to live your life to the fullest!! Wake up grateful you did so. Do something each day that brings a smile to someone else...and you'll find yourself smiling too. Set a small goal and just LEAP! Try try and try again until you accomplish it.   -Ginger

**COMING SOON!--to print** 


 Will she find her mystery man?   

 A historical clean romance about gifts,

 adventure & bravery.

**COMING SOON!--to print**

X-Type: The Collection

Though Serentia’s being held captive aboard a space ship, forced to traipse the galaxy in search of a mate with her matching x-type blood, she’s secretly plotting her own escape from the horrific Lord Tram.


“It made me want pot roast and my husband (in that order).  The way you describe food is unreal!”

—Savannah H. 

 “I absolutely loved it, and I am not saying that just to butter you up...I found myself enjoying it thoroughly!”

—Janelle M.

The Writer...wife, mother, cake-maker, laundry doer. :D
She's learned determination=results. 
She loves to eat quinoa, sit-up her abs, design cakes, read some Twilight,
and type up worlds 
she hopes to some day live in.

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